Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hari ini 5 Mei 2013 merupakan tarikh PRU 13 dan kebetulan juga hari ulangtahun kelahiran saya. Saya tercari-cari hadiah untuk saya pada hari ini, jadi kali ini Alhamdulillah saya terjumpa satu ucapan tersebut dan saya ingin berkongsi hadiah tersebut dengan pembaca semua.:

We are so called intellectuals, so called people who have the concern of humanity at hearts, new year fireworks, millions of ringgit wasted in 7 minutes. Celebrating what? A new year. Celebrating a testimony of the best of time. The Poet says : “You are happy when time has passed, when a new moon is sighted, when a new year has started but no one understands every passing days takes you closer to your Kabr (Grave)”. That is not a milestone, that is a reminder, that is a time for reflection, so exalt yourself in what? AAMAL. Exalt yourself in the preparation of the life that is gonna go on forever because profit and loss is not measured in cents and ringgit. Profit and loss and the testimony and achievement of the life of this world is measured in AAMAL.

He says, everytime a new moon is sighted, everytime a new year gone, whatever it is, a solar calendar or the lunar calendar and Allah has made it such that it looks like both are together  or very close to each other. Everytime a new year gone, you renew your happiness, you renew your celebration, you renew your revelry, but what is the reality of that new year? No one understands that every milestone of the passage of time. Every birthday, every new year, is nothing but sword that is slashing away your life in this world.

Rasulullah S.A.W even said : “Even the Jannati will get the height of this aspiration, who will get beyond his imagination”. Allah says, you don’t even know what I have prepared for you in Jannah. Even the Jannati will also have one regret, what will be his regrets? His regret will be the moments and the seconds and the minutes and the hour of the life of this world, which he wasted away without remembering Allah, without serving the Deen of Allah. How can this Mu’min of today who has Qur’an and Hadith in front of him ever celebrate a birthday. How can we look at 22 people for a long long time chasing after a ball. How does he have time to waste, hours to waste infront of the Shaytaan Box (TV). How does the one who knows that every TIK TIK TIK, every breath is taking him closer to that black hole. How does he have time to sit with novel, and sit for hours infront of the Shaytaan Box. Where is the intelligents? Have we become blind? 

My dear respected brothers and sister. Our new year, our birthday is coming. It is time to renew our Sabr, it is the time to renew our commitment with Allah. Every new year, every birthday is a reminder that a portion of you is gone, which will never come back again. So how can you possibly celebrate?

Terima kasih atas kesudian membaca, mudah-mudahan anda dapat berkongsi ‘hadiah’ ini dengan seramai kawan dan keluarga yang mungkin. SELAMAT MENGUNDI dan jangan lupa memulakan pengundian anda dengan nama Allah – BISMILLAH HIRRAH MA NIRRAHIM.

Quote of the Day :

I love people who openly hate me, but I hate people who pretend to like me