Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hari ini anak saya Liyana sudah berumur  22 tahun. Fasa kemuncak dalam kehidupan anak-anak. Fasa menurun dan akan berakhir bagi orang-orang tua macam saya.

Saperti biasa , keluarga kami tidak memberikan hadiah berbentuk material , cuma peringatan, kasih sayang dan harapan saperti yang tertulis pada surat saya ini kepada beliau :-

My dearest Liyana,

At this important milestone in your life, it is a time to rejoice that you have remained in Allah SWT’s perfect protection in all forms and ways starting with your health, beauty and intellect and ending with the days He has allotted you unhampered by crippling disease and or lack or loss of intelligence.

I am so happy to see you entering the next stage of your life and I pray that you will before making every decision big or small make a prayer to ask Allah for His guidance, help and blessings.

I pray that you ask Allah SWT to give you at all times guidance, the ability and desire to follow His guidance (The Quran), wisdom to understand its beauty and its markers, Afiyah which is an all enveloping protection from Him both in this world and the next.

You have many gifts, some you are aware of some you will become aware of as they unfold. Do remember that they are all from Allah and use them in the path of Allah.

I pray for your health, your protection and for your happiness, I am here to love you and support you in your journey. I am told that a parent’s love has no comparison on earth, but that it comprises only one percent of the Love that Allah has for us.

May you always feel the gentle cloak of His Love and Rahmat on your shoulders, along with mine.

Love and prayers for you always!


Terima kasih atas kesudian anda yang berterusan mengikuti blog ini. Hanya Allah yang dapat menilainya.

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